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Host Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano talks to some of the most respected names in crypto and Wall Street to find out how intelligent investors from the new and old financial system are thinking about digital assets.


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Nov 28, 2018

Ken Nguyen is the founder and CEO of Republic. In this conversation, Nguyen and Anthony Pompliano discuss working at AngelList, the variations of securities law, building a startup in a highly regulated market, and why tokenization could eradicate global poverty.


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Nov 26, 2018

Ryan Selkis is the founder of Messari, an open data library and curation tool that helps researchers, investors, and regulators make sense of the crypto industry.

In this conversation, Selkis and Anthony Pompliano discuss macro-crypto trends, the importance of data transparency and disclosures, and how to go viral on...

Nov 21, 2018

Alex Mashinsky is the founder and CEO of Celsius Network. He has invented and built a number of disruptive technologies over the years, including Voice Over IP.

In this conversation, Mashinsky and Anthony Pompliano discuss Bitcoin, crypto lending, and building sustainable companies around disruptive tech.



Nov 19, 2018

Juthica Chou is the founder of LedgerX. In this conversation, Anthony Pompliano and Juthica discuss working at Goldman Sachs, what options are and why they are important, how LedgerX became the only federally regulated crypto derivative platform, and what drove the company from 15 to 100 institutional customers in a...

Nov 14, 2018

Mike Jones is the CEO of Science Inc, a start-up accelerator based in Los Angeles. He previously was the CEO of Myspace, along with a number of other companies. In this conversation, Jones and Anthony Pompliano discuss disruption, Myspace, the future of finance, and how valuable companies can be spotted early from...